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Uncategorized September 28, 2018

Judgement of Transfer Petition in Favour of the Wife in Supreme Court

Judgement of Transfer Petition in Favour of the Wife in Supreme Court What is a Transfer Petition?   Section 25 of the Code of Civil Procedure enables the Supreme Court to transfer any Case, appeal or other proceedings from High Court or other civil courts in one State to a High Court or other civil […]

Blog General New Blogs September 27, 2018

How to Protect Trans Border Reputation Trademark In India

A trademark is a visual symbol applied to an article with a view to indicating the trade source from which it comes. It can be a word, device, label, name, letter, numeral, brand, heading or colors. The purpose of the trademark is to distinguish goods or services of one origin from those of the others. […]

Blog September 24, 2018

Procedure/Steps Followed In Court To Defend Cheque Bounce Case In India

Complaint – To be filed under Section 138 of the NI Act before the Magistrate Court wherein the Payee/Complainant should be present in Court at the time of filing such a complaint. At the time of filing the Complaint, all the original documents will be verified by the Magistrate and marked as Exhibits. Sworn Statement […]

Uncategorized September 24, 2018

5 Easy Ways You Can Defend Transfer Petition (100% Must read)

When wife files the transfer petition in Supreme Court usually husband is defenceless, although husband receives the summons from the Supreme Court if the transfer is from one state to another, here are some of the judgments which can help In Gayatri Mohapatra v. Ashit Kumar Panda : (2003)11SCC731 , the Supreme Court has found that […]

Blog September 19, 2018

Counter Case Quash Ground for Divorce Against False Section 498A Complaint

498 A deals with Matrimonial Cruelty. The objective of this section is to punish the Husband and Relatives of Husband who harasses and torture the wife to coerce her or her relatives to satisfy the unlawful demands of dowry. 498 A Reads under I.P.C. Husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to […]

Uncategorized September 14, 2018

A Remedy For Delayed Justice : Fundamental Right to Speedy Trials In India

The right to a speedy trial is a human right under which it is asserted that a government prosecutor may not delay the trial of a criminal suspect arbitrarily and indefinitely. Otherwise, the power to impose such delays would effectively allow prosecutors to send anyone to jail for an arbitrary length of time without trial. Although it is […]

Blog September 10, 2018

How to File Special Leave Petition In Supreme Court||Special Leave Petition Meaning

Special Leave Petition Meaning? Special Leave petition (SLP) means that an individual takes special permission to be heard in appeal against any high court/tribunal verdict. Thus it is not an appeal but a petition filed for an appeal. So after an SLP is filed, the Supreme Court may hear the matter and if it deems […]

Blog September 10, 2018

How, When & Where to apply for Bail in India? | Lawyer Advices

‘Bail’ has been defined in law lexicon as security for the appearance of the accused person on giving which he is released pending trial or investigation. Bail is to procure the release of a person from legal custody, by undertaking that he shall appear at the time and place designated and submit himself to the […]

Divorce Transfer Petition in Supreme Court

Divorce Transfer Petition in Supreme Court This is how the divorce transfer petition in supreme court for matrimonial cases are being addressed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court. Every second wife is before the Supreme Court seeking For transfer petition in supreme court for the cases from one state to another and perhaps they were lucky […]

Blog September 5, 2018

Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Prevention & Amendment of Atrocities Act 2018

The Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 is an Act of the Parliament of India enacted to prevent atrocities against scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. The Act is popularly known as POA, the SC/ST Act, the Prevention of Atrocities Act, or simply the Atrocities Act. The normal provisions of the existing laws […]

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